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About Regina Ruf

I have always felt a desire to bring joy, happiness and a smile to the people I meet. No doubt I wanted to feel more of that myself. There was a "hole" inside me. When I was younger I thought I could fill that hole with a relationship with a significant other. After numerous attempts to gain love, happiness and some purpose through another person I started on my path of personal growth and searching within to find the answers I needed.


Reading inspirational and thought provoking books became a regular habit. It was after I took my first of several personal growth seminars that I really started to "get it". Knowing about a concept was very different than actual knowledge through experience. I was ready to take responsibility for the results I had created in my life. What I've learned has been invaluable and my life has been richer and increasingly more fulfilling through applying the most basic of principals I learned and was reminded of.


I say "reminded of" because none of this information is new. We are all born with all we need to be successful and live wealthy lives. When we hear the TRUTH about who and what we are as human beings it resonates within us. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder of our inherent greatness that resides within each of us. We all have gifts to share with the world through authentic living.


My purpose is to connect all I meet to abundance, love, healing and forgiveness. I became certified by the MMS Institute as a Life Coach in order to support people in listening to their inner guide and create the life they wish to live. I was inspired to write "WEALTH MAGNETZ, Your A to Z Guide for Abundant Living" so it's simple and practical application of principles could be easily incorporated into daily life. Thus creating a life filled with an abundance of joy, love, meaning and happiness...TRUE WEALTH!


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